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Everything You Need to Know About Changing Disability Supports

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When it comes to supporting a disability, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Circumstances change, and for better or worse, sometimes disability supports need changing as well. This can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve been receiving supports for some time. Changing a disability support plan is a fact of life, and one that you shouldn’t worry about. You deserve the best possible support for your situation, and if this requires a review and a change from time to time, then it’s a good thing. Fortunately, disability supports can be changed through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The team at HealSoul can help you change your disability supports by reviewing your needs and working with the NDIS. In the end, we want to give you the assistance you need to find your own sense of independence.

Why might I change my disability supports?

There are many reasons why an NDIS participant might want or need to change their disability supports. You might need different supports, less support, or more support. Here are some examples of why you might want to change your supports:
  • You’ve had some health issues and need additional assistance
  • You need to move to a new area
  • Your family situation has changed
There are dozens of reasons why you might want to change your supports. What your needs are will depend on your personal situation.

How can I change supports?

You can ask to change your NDIS plan at any time, or the NDIS can change your plan for you. What’s important to note is that any change in plan will be done in conference with you – you’ll get direct influence over any changes that are made. It’s all about giving you the solutions you need to live an independent life. If you want to request a minor change in your NDIS plan, you need to request a plan variation. The NDIS will then assess your situation and ask for information about your situation. Finally, they’ll decide whether to vary or not vary your plan based on a range of factors. Significant changes to your NDIS plan require a plan reassessment. This follows the same basic process as a request for plan variation, but involves a more exhaustive internal examination of your plan from the NDIS.

What happens next?

You’ll need to wait for the outcome of your plan variation or plan assessment. This will usually take up to 21 days. During this time, the NDIS may request more documentation from you. At the end of these 21 days, the NDIs will decide whether to:
  • vary your plan
  • reassess your plan
  • not reassess your plan
The NDIS will choose to vary your plan if you require changes to the management of your plan, if you need additional funding, or if there’s been a mistake in your plan. The NDIS will choose to reassess your plan if there have been significant changes to your situation, or if there is a mismanagement of funds in your plan. changing disability supports

How does a change in plan take place?

If your plan needs a variation or assessment which has indicated you need a change, then the NDIS will be in touch. From there, you’ll work with your NDIS provider and representatives from the NDIS to enact the change, either over the phone or in person. No change in plan is the same for two people, and neither is the length of time that the process takes. It depends on a range of factors, including your situation, your personal goals, and what you need in terms of support. Once your plan change has been approved, your disability support provider will begin to get the wheels in motion to deliver the support you need.

How do I prepare for a change in plan?

To prepare for a change in plan, there are a few things you can do to make it go smoothly:
  • Gather all assessments, reports, and information for the NDIS
  • Contact your disability support provider and tell them about your desires
  • Get a report from a support coordinator, if you have one
  • For children under 7, fill out an Early Childhood provider report form
Having all this information handy will ensure that your transition into a new plan is seamless. You might not need all of the above information, as well. It’s best to contact your disability support provider to get their input as to exactly what you’ll need.

Why might my plan not be changed?

Sometimes, the NDIS might decline a request to change a plan based on an assessment or variation. This can be stressful, but sometimes, it is inevitable. The NDIS might refuse to undertake a plan reassessment if:
  • There’s no new information or evidence to support a change
  • Your request is simply for more funding or more supports
  • Your needs can be met through community or informal supports
  • You are ineligible, or your plan has been suspended
The NDIS might refuse to undertake a plan variation for several reasons, including:
  • Your plan is suspended or ceased
  • You have funding left in your plan
  • You need a full assessment
  • There’s not enough evidence
  • You have gone through several unsuccessful variations
  • You have used all the funds in your plan quickly
To avoid having a negative outcome for your request, it’s best to work with your support provider.

What happens after I change my plan?

After your plan changes, you’ll get a letter with the reasons for the NDIS decisions. If the plan has been varied, you’ll receive a copy of your varied plan. Your local NDIS coordinator can then help you start using your plan to ensure you are getting better assistance than before. Changing an NDIS plan can seem like a daunting prospect. However, you deserve the absolute best in assistance, and sometimes a change can get you what you need. If you’d like some assistance in changing, contact HealSoul. Our team will approach your situation with compassion and sensitivity, with the endgame of helping you become more independent.

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