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NDIS Support Worker Providers Melbourne & Perth

Finding self-driven independence with assistance from NDIS support workers

Finding self-driven independence with assistance from NDIS support workers

As a leading NDIS support provider, HealSoul works within the national framework to deliver outstanding disability services. As your disability service provider, HealSoul is committed to assisting you in living the life you want.

At the core of our capacity as a NDIS service provider, you’ll always find compassion. We understand your situation and want to support you in every way we can. We can get started together with a free consultation.

How it works



Get in touch with the friendly HealSoul team, a NDIS provider, via our contact form or phone number.



We will discuss your NDIS needs and connect you directly with HealSoul support workers. We can talk through the support services you need, pricing, time and location, all booked through HealSoul.


Verify & Support

Our NDIS support worker will be in touch to verify your service. We are motivated towards bringing positive changes in an individual’s life through practice, patience, care and love.

NDIS disability services

Disability services offered by the NDIS have been specially designed to improve your independence and get the most out of life. At HealSoul, we offer the following as a NDIS service provider.

Respite care

Assistance for family and regular carers when they are unavailable.

Home care

Professional at-home assistance for people living with a disability.

School holiday support

Activities and events to keep children entertained during holidays.

Life stage transitions

Support in transition from home into live-in support, and other life events.

Travel and transport

Assistance in travelling to appointments, work, and leisure.

Community nursing care

Registered nurses who can promote a healthy living lifestyle.

Exercise physiology

Assistance in exercising and accessing exercise programs.

Group activities

Participation in local disability support group activities.

Community participation

Supported access to community groups, programs, and events.

Employment support

Support for people looking to access employment and education. HealSoul also offers assistance in accessing different types of specialised employment.

Assistive products for personal care

Support in setting up the quality-of-life products, like beds and bathroom equipment.

Daily living assistance in group or shared living

Assistance with day-to-day tasks like laundry, cleaning, and cooking in a group or shared living space.

Applying for NDIS services

Applying for and accessing NDIS services can seem daunting and complicated. However, with a bit of insider knowledge, HealSoul can support you by:

● Liaising with your health care team to understand your needs.

● Preparing fast and accurate claims for NDIS support services

● Offering information on navigating the application process

Our team is here to support you as you access the best possible NDIS services, on your terms. First, we need to understand who we are, and what we require to live the fullest life possible. We can get started together with a free consultation.

You and your NDIS support workers

Working towards a life of greater freedom and independence is achievable. With the assistance of NDIS support workers behind you, you can make positive changes to your lifestyle that will give you the skills to live more autonomously.

Our team of compassionate and professional NDIS support workers are highly trained to the rigorous standards required by our NDIS employment checklist. To complement this, our staff have experience working with clients in all situations, from all walks of life.

Together, you and your NDIS support worker can:

● Create a tailored, comprehensive service plan focused on improving your independence

● Form a caring but professional relationship with your advocacy at the centre

● Continually evaluate your situation and adjust services as required

You can start receiving the NDIS support worker assistance you need by booking a free consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to determine your eligibility is to answer the questions from the eligibility checklist, which is found on their official website. These are 5 simple questions that will decide whether or not you should ask for an access request before taking the step of filling out the relevant paperwork.

The official website has a range of booklets for participants in regular and easy to read format. These give a thorough yet easy to understand explanation about the planning process and how you can obtain support.

We leave that choice to you. You might choose to learn by being a part of a group, where you can meet new people, or you may choose the comfort of one-on-one settings.

The NDIS and aged care serve different purposes and cater to different demographics in our society. Comparing which is better depends on individual needs and circumstances. Both the NDIS and aged care aim to provide appropriate support to their respective target groups.

The NDIS supports people with disabilities by providing them with funding and access to a wide range of services and supports to improve their independence. The NDIS can fund supports such as therapies, assistive technology, personal care, home modifications, employment assistance, and community participation programs. Ultimately, it aims to empower individuals to make their own choices and decisions regarding their care. 

What are the types of support in NDIS?

The NDIS provides various types of support to individuals with disabilities to assist them as they increase their independence. These can include:

  • Core Supports: Assistance with daily activities, consumables, personal care, and community participation.
  • Capacity Building Supports: Services aimed at developing skills, improving independence, and enhancing social participation.
  • Capital Supports: Funding for assistive technology, home modifications, and equipment needed to support a person’s disability-related needs.
  • Support Coordination: Assistance in navigating the NDIS, coordinating services, and connecting with appropriate providers.

The balance of these supports and their delivery will be outlined by the participant in conference with their NDIS coordinator.

There are 6 guiding principles that underpin the NDIS and how it assists people with disabilities in becoming more independent.

  1. Individualised: The NDIS recognises that every person with a disability has unique needs and goals, and supports are tailored accordingly.
  2. Equitable: The NDIS ensures that people with disabilities receive fair and equal access to supports and services.
  3. Sustainable: The NDIS aims to provide long-term support to individuals with disabilities throughout their lives.
  4. Collaborative: The NDIS promotes collaboration between individuals, their families, carers, and service providers in developing and implementing support plans.
  5. Flexible: The NDIS allows flexibility in choosing and managing supports to meet the individual needs and preferences of participants.
  6. Lifetime: The NDIS provides support across a person’s lifetime, recognising that disability can have long-term effects and may require ongoing assistance.

The three types of NDIS plans are:

First Plan: The initial plan created for new NDIS participants. It focuses on gathering information about the person’s disability, goals, and support needs and aligning them with available supports in their local area.

Review Plan: This plan is conducted annually or as required to review and update the participant’s goals and support requirements. It allows for adjustments and changes to be made based on progress and changing needs.

Special Review Plan: This plan is conducted when a significant change occurs in a participant’s life that requires a reassessment of their goals and support needs outside of the regular review schedule. This may happen due to major life events, changes in circumstances, or significant improvements or issues in functioning independently.

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HealSoul is committed to excellent governance, supporting participant’s safety, and encouraging workers by establishing management duties and striving to adopt best practices throughout facilities. HealSoul promotes fairness, accountability and transparency, by giving clear rights and obligations to workers, management and participants.

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