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NDIS Respite Adelaide

respite adelaide

Benefit from short-term relief as a primary caregiver with personalised NDIS respite services in Adelaide

Take the time you need as a carer to rest and reconnect with yourself and your community with HealSoul, your leading NDIS respite provider in Adelaide. 

Trusted and fully qualified carers, we offer flexible care for those living with disabilities, prioritising their wellbeing and giving you the utmost peace of mind during your break. 

The core of our mission as an NDIS respite provider in Adelaide is to develop a deep understanding of your situation through empathy. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual’s needs, we are fully committed to delivering superior support and genuine, enriching care. 

Discover the HealSoul difference in our superior respite care with a free introductory consultation.

How it works



Get in touch with the HealSoul team, a recognised NDIS respite provider in Adelaide, through our online inquiry form or directly by phone.



Discuss your specific NDIS respite needs, enabling us to pair you with dedicated HealSoul respite professionals. Delve into our respite services, pricing details, and schedule arrangements, all seamlessly managed by HealSoul.


Verify & Support

Await a follow-up from a HealSoul respite professional to confirm your service request. We are committed to effecting a positive transformation in your living space with consistency, thoroughness, and care.

Tailored NDIS Respite Care In Adelaide

Delivering a range of flexible respite care options, HealSoul is committed to providing safety, stability and reassurance to carers and their dependents through:

In-home Respite

Delivered within your own home, this involves a trained respite worker providing care at home for everyday or routine needs. It may also include help with acquiring new skills, attending activities or socialisation.

Overnight & Weekend Respite

Also provided at home, this involves a carer remaining present for a weekend or overnight. For overnight care, this may encompass assistance with turning in bed, sleepover support and other needs.

Day Centre Respite

Also known as recreational respite, this option is typically available during business hours and involves care provided to a group of individuals with disabilities either at a centre or through fun outings.

Emergency Respite

Provided in-home or at a dedicated facility, this option is available to primary carers who unexpectedly require respite care assistance in an emergency.

Short-term Accommodation Assistance (STAA)

Previously known as residential respite, STAA provides respite care at dedicated respite accommodation. Stays can range from a night or several nights to a weekend, a week or several weeks.

Navigating NDIS Respite Services In Adelaide

Understanding your care entitlements and accessing NDIS respite services can be complex and confusing. At HealSoul we aim to make this process easier through:

  • Careful assessment of your needs and unique situation 
  • The provision of detailed and accurate claims for NDIS respite services
  • Expert guidance regarding the NDIS application and service usage process

With the professional support of our team, you can access our premium NDIS funded respite services in Adelaide. Our goal is to ensure all carers can use their NDIS respite care provisions and access help or take breaks when needed. 

Learn more today with a free consultation.

Rest, reconnect and feel supported with trusted NDIS respite providers in Adelaide

Switch off, rest and relax with the reassurance that HealSoul’s NDIS respite carers have everything in hand. Engaging professional support in your role as a primary carer of a friend or family member with a disability is essential to your health and wellbeing. 

Our dedicated and compassionate team of NDIS respite carers take great joy in connecting with families. They work closely with you to determine the optimal respite care plan for your circumstances and bring varied experiences to cater to different needs and desires. 

Together with a respite carer, participants and their carers can:

  • Access programs, community events and even employment opportunities
  • Experience new environments and enjoy social engagement   
  • Take a much-needed break or holiday away from everyday care responsibilities  
  • Spend time on maintaining individual and family wellbeing and relationships 

Discover the difference HealSoul’s respite care and support can make by scheduling a no-cost consultation today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) you may be entitled to respite care services.

The type of respite care available may differ depending on your circumstances, HealSoul can assist with determining the care you can access and how to go about this.  

Typically up to 28 days of NDIS-funded respite short-term accommodation; however, the scheme may fund medium-term or long-term accommodation depending on your and your carer’s needs. There is also flexibility with how you use your respite care days.

The length of stay in respite care can vary based on an individual’s and their carers’ needs. This may look like a few hours in a week or a longer stay of several weeks.

The NDIS has no set limit to the amount of free respite care that someone can receive. However, funding available for respite care is limited and the approved level of support provided will depend on the individual’s needs and circumstances.

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