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Complete List of Disability Supports Funded by the NDIS and What They Mean

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A complete list of disability supports funded by the NDIS and what they mean

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is one of the most important social programs running in the country today. The main reason why it is so impactful in the lives of millions of Australians is because of the disability supports funded by the program.

Disability supports funded by the NDIS aims to give NDIS participants the best possible chance at independent living. Rather than offering medical care, the supports are designed to assist participants as they find their own sense of independence.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different kinds of disability supports outlined by the NDIS, give you some information about how to apply for the NDIS, and give you some insight as to how funding works in the scheme.

When you’re ready to take the next step towards independent living, get in touch with HealSoul. As a highly regarded NDIS support provider, we can assist you as you navigate the scheme, delivering NDIS supports that foster your own version of living independently. If you have any questions about the information contained within this article, we’d be happy to talk to you about it.


List of disability supports funded by the NDIS

NDIS Home Care Services

Through the NDIS, participants can access home care services to help with basic household tasks, improve daily routines, and assist with access to the wider community. These supports are delivered in the comfort of one’s own home, allowing participants to improve their lifestyle.

Respite & Short Term Accommodation and Assistance

Sometimes, family and regular carers need a break. Short-term support can give you the same supports in accommodation that rivals your own home for comfort. Accommodation assistance is all about encouraging normalcy for brief transitional periods.

NDIS School Holiday Activities

Children with disabilities are entitled to the same level of support as adults. Parents can now access qualified care for their children over the school holidays, allowing them to enjoy a range of fun activities, while helping them develop empathy and their own sense of responsibility.

NDIS Assist With Life Stage Transitions

Transitioning to the next stage of life is always a massive undertaking. Whether you are starting work or school, moving home, or transitioning to care-focussed accommodation, the NDIS can fund assistance that can help you manage the transition while maintaining your independence.

NDIS Community Nursing Care

Community nursing care can assist NDIS participants as they access better nursing care solutions, whether at home or in the community. Program providers can put participants in touch with some of the best allied health professionals in the area, ensuring that their needs are met, whether complex or standard.

NDIS Group Activities

Having a disability shouldn’t limit your ability to develop skills and form relationships. Group activities in the NDIS encourage both of these things, allowing participants to grow as active and valued members of their community.

NDIS Exercise Physiology

To keep a healthy body and healthy mind, everyone needs to exercise. Exercise physiology through the NDIS can help you discover new ways of being active that are both fun and within your ability. Through the program, you’ll find new active passions in a range of supports and activities.

NDIS Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can deliver all the independence you want with the use of groundbreaking new technologies. Whether it’s for assistance in the bathroom, or making meal preparation a breeze, assistive technologies can improve your routine and give you better ways of living.

NDIS Travel & Transport

Everyone deserves the ability to move freely and get where they need to be, when they need to get there. NDIS travel programs can assist you in travelling to appointments, shopping, visiting family and friends, and accessing other support programs.

NDIS Social & Community Participation

Social and community participation is an incredibly important NDIS program. Disabilities can often seem isolating and limiting. This participation program allows you to venture out into your local community to become an active and engaged member of society. You’ll make new connections and enjoy all the things that life has to offer.

NDIS Early Intervention

Early intervention for children can assist parents in getting a headstart on care for their children. By beginning treatment and support early, children living with disabilities can have a much brighter and more promising future.

NDIS Employment Support

Employment and education support can assist you in finding the professional life you want. There are hundreds of opportunities out there for people from all walks of life. Employment support works with you to find out what you want out of life, giving you the tools for success as you enter education or the workforce.

NDIS Assistance With Daily Life

Assistance with daily life tasks can support you as you find your own independence at home and in the community. It can take care of everything from laundry and cooking, to helping you with bigger projects around the house and yard.


How to apply for the NDIS

Applying for the NDIS is not as complex as you think. Once you’ve checked out the eligibility criteria, you can read our comprehensive guide to applying for the NDIS. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to apply to the NDIS in a step-by-step process.


How to get funding from the NDIS

Once you’ve applied for the NDIS, funds will be available to you soon, allowing you to access the supports you need. You can read our comprehensive guide to how to get funding from the NDIS, and work with our team to get access to the best supports available.


How HealSoul can help

As a premier disability support provider, HealSoul knows what it takes to assist people living with disabilities as they find their own sense of independence. It’s our bread and butter, and what we’ve built a nationally-regarded reputation on.

We don’t just deliver disability supports. We do so with care and compassion. We understand that living with a disability can be challenging. We are here for your support as you navigate the NDIS and get access to programs and solutions that will ultimately give you a better quality of life.


If you’re ready to find a new, more independent life for yourself, get in touch with the HealSoul team. They can take a fair and balanced look at your situation and show you the way forward.

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