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NDIS group activities


Discover a new sense of community with NDIS group activities

With NDIS group activities, you can create a new community of like-minded people as you find greater joy in your life.

By promoting greater access to social and group activities, HealSoul assists participants in creating greater independence for themselves as they establish more meaningful relationships with people around them. As a fully fledged member of the community, you will find more reasons to engage with the world around you.

We provide access to NDIS group activities and ensure that they are delivered with empathy, compassion, and the highest regard for your situation. We assess participants for NDIS group activities on a case by case basis, and develop programs that we know you will love.

We would love to know more about you and what you’d like to get out of group activities. Book a consultation to get started.

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A Safe & Inclusive environment

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A proactive person centred service

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Independence & Progression


Why choose HealSoul as an NDIS group activity provider?


All of HealSoul’s NDIS group activities are fully in line with the NDIS group activity framework.

Tailored services

Our group activity participation services are specifically tailored to support the needs of each participant.

Assistance focus

We focus on assistance and fostering independence in all of our undertakings as a group activity provider.

Free consultation

NDIS home care consultations at HealSoul are free with no initial set-up fee, saving you up to \$600.

Our Benefits

The benefits of NDIS group activities at HealSoul

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Social engagement is essential to a person’s health and mental wellbeing, and has so many great benefits for everyone in the community. Through group, community, social, and recreational activities, you can receive all the benefits of having a happy and engaged life as a participating member of society.

Group activities through the NDIS cab lead to a range of benefits, including behavioural improvement, better social interaction, greater acceptance, more independence, and an increase in personal relationships, creating better support networks.

A social life without barriers is closer than you think. Get started with a free consultation.

What’s included with NDIS group activity access at HealSoul

All HealSoul NDIS group activites prioritise professionalism and support for all participants.We can help you access community programs that provide the same sense of self actualisation.


HealSoul NDIS group activity support workers can assist you in your daily life as you discover:

Other group activities through the NDIS include developing critical social skills like using money, planning and organising your own activities, accessing employment, using computers, and studying.

Mediha Ergin

Client Google Review

"Very Happy with this company and the assistance they have provided my brother with fantastic respite accomodation. Special shout out to Jinal for his wonderful support and efforts with my brother. Mary."

Simone Davis

Client Google Review

"I have had ndis for 3 years I was lost till I found heal soul they have been amazing .so kind careing and understanding I could not cope with out them. Thankyou. 😍😍😍😍"

Patu Rangi

Client Google Review

"Sabina is a fantastic person that has helped us get the most out of my NDIS funding, She is very knowledgeable and has some fantastic carers available to assist us with our needs."

Dean S

Client Google Review

"Sabina & her team are amazing and doing NDIS for the right reasons and are very passionate when it comes to Disability Support! Highly Recommended!"

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Our NDIS group activity support workers are highly trained, and experienced in helping people with disabilities find independence in their community. Every one of our staff members has met the NDIS employment checklist and has achieved the highest level of training required to assist you in engaging with activities we know you’ll love.

If you’re looking for compassion and support as you access more of your community, you can get started with a free consultation.


Group and centre-based activities involve several participants attending an activity together and working alongside one another to complete it. This could mean participating in a sporting match together, playing a board game together, dancing, cooking and more. The goal is to connect people in fun ways in a social setting. 

At HealSoul, our group and centre-based activities have been developed in line with the NDIS framework and are designed to support better connection, enhanced skills and a more joy-filled life. 

Through these activities, you will meet like-minded individuals and learn new skills for greater independence. Each activity is developed with its participants in mind and delivered respectfully with proper consideration for their unique situations.

We offer a vast range of group activities to suit the unique needs of our participants and can tailor an activity or program to suit the needs of those attending. 

Our activities can help you discover an enjoyment or aptitude for:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Dance
  • Board games
  • Trivia 
  • Disco
  • Tours
  • Cooking and 
  • Travel 

We also deliver activities focused on the development of essential life skills such as managing money, planning and organisation, finding employment, operating technology, studying and more. 

All our programs are intended to be fun, engaging and beneficial to the health and mental well-being of their participants.

Group-based activities offer so many wonderful benefits for participants of all age groups and abilities. 

These benefits can include improvements in behaviour, enhanced social skills, greater acceptance, increased independence, the development of new friendships and a greater support network.

Illness and disability can often feel very isolating or like a barrier to social engagement. Group activities are intended to help break down these barriers. 

Many of our participants experience a much more enriched life through attendance to these activities and an overall boost in their mental health and well-being.

The NDIS provides funding for a range of therapies and support services for people with a disability. This includes funding for a variety of group and centre-based activities. 

Funding for these activities is subject to price limits and is subject to changes depending on the time and day of the week in which the activity occurs. They must also be run by an eligible NDIS provider – which we are. 

At HealSoul, we understand that making sense of your NDIS funding options and limitations can be overwhelming. As experts in this field, we happily provide a free consultation regarding your funding and how this works for our group and centre-based activities. 

With no initial set-up fees charged, you can save up to $600 by discussing centre-based and group activities with us. 

We are passionate about supporting NDIS participants to make the most of their funding and will work closely with you to achieve your goals of attending our programs.

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