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NDIS employment support


Access the world of work and support yourself with NDIS employment services

NDIS employment support, also known as assistance to access employment and higher education, empowers people to support themselves. 

Transitioning into work requires an understanding of how the professional world operates. This can mean different things for different people with different skill sets. NDIS employment assistance supports you as you identify what field you would like to work in, and how best to prepare for the requirements of that field.

Higher education and employment can be a daunting environment for anyone to enter into. With compassion and support from NDIS-trained workers, you can navigate the professional world and create new opportunities for yourself. You can get started by telling us about what you’d like to achieve in a free consultation.

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Why choose HealSoul as an NDIS employment support service?


HealSoul’s employment support services and staff uphold the NDIS framework and requirements.

Tailored services

Our NDIS employment support services are tailored to meet the needs of clients based on their chosen field of employment or education.

Assistance focus

The best NDIS employment strategies come from helping clients as they make their opportunities.

Free consultation

HealSoul offers free NDIS employment support consultations with no initial set-up fee, saving you up to $600.

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The benefits of NDIS employment assistance at HealSoul

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A new job or education in the field of your choosing can add so much purpose to your life. NDIS employment assistance can support you in pursuing the career you’ve always dreamed of. At HealSoul, we want to work with you to achieve your goals and enter the world of work on your terms.

Employment and education can be rigid. If you are unfamiliar with deadlines and similar demands, then entering the professional world will be a paradigm shift. HealSoul can assist you in developing strategies to manage your time and work effectively, ensuring that you are meeting the requirements of your role.

Your new calling is just around the corner. Let’s answer it together with a free consultation.

What’s included with NDIS employment support at HealSoul

HealSoul’s job support through the NDIS is provided exactly how you’d expect in the workforce – with absolute professionalism. We work with tireless compassion to provide our clients with the assistance they need to create their opportunities in education and at work.


Our NDIS employment support in Melbourne and Perth can assist you as you:

  • The transition from schooling into employment and education
  • Access tertiary education online and in-person
  • Investigate new avenues of interesting employment
  • Build effective resumes and cover letters that extoll your virtues
  • Apply for jobs and roles in your chosen field
  • Train for entry into corporate or professional life
  • Continually revaluate and improve your professional skills
Mediha Ergin

Client Google Review

"Very Happy with this company and the assistance they have provided my brother with fantastic respite accomodation. Special shout out to Jinal for his wonderful support and efforts with my brother. Mary."

Simone Davis

Client Google Review

"I have had ndis for 3 years I was lost till I found heal soul they have been amazing .so kind careing and understanding I could not cope with out them. Thankyou. 😍😍😍😍"

Patu Rangi

Client Google Review

"Sabina is a fantastic person that has helped us get the most out of my NDIS funding, She is very knowledgeable and has some fantastic carers available to assist us with our needs."

Dean S

Client Google Review

"Sabina & her team are amazing and doing NDIS for the right reasons and are very passionate when it comes to Disability Support! Highly Recommended!"

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Our NDIS employment support workers are highly trained in helping those who want to access employment and education. Better yet, they know exactly what it takes to succeed in the workplace. With a balance of compassion and professionalism, they will work with you to find your dream career path.

Our support workers approach every employment opportunity on a case-by-case basis. Get started with a free consultation today.


Supported employment refers to the provision of employment support services to people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. This includes assistance with job search, job matching, on-the-job training, workplace modifications, and ongoing support to help individuals maintain employment.

Everyone is entitled to work within their means and to the best of their ability. Denying people the chance to earn a living contravenes human rights standards. That’s why supported employment is so important. Not only does it contribute to the economy, but also to the overall health and well-being of our population.

DES (Disability Employment Services) is a government-funded employment program that provides job search and support services to people with disabilities, injuries, or health conditions.

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a broader support system that provides funding for a range of disability-related services and supports, including employment support services. While DES focuses solely on employment-related support, NDIS provides a wider range of supports, including housing, health, and social services.

Key features of supported employment include individualised support, job matching based on the person’s skills and interests, ongoing support to help individuals maintain employment, and access to workplace accommodations and modifications as needed.

A participant’s needs will affect which features are assessed through supported employment. Usually, it’s whatever features grant a participant the greatest degree of independence.

Yes, supported employment is typically paid employment, with individuals receiving a wage for the work they perform. This can be on a full-time, part-time, or casual basis, depending on a participant’s needs and capacity.

If a participant is looking to volunteer for non-profits or other community organisations, they might consider NDIS Community And Social Participation. Through this service, participants can more actively involve themselves in the community, including on a volunteer basis.

Yes, it is possible to receive both NDIS and Centrelink payments. However, the amount of Centrelink payments received may be affected by income earned through supported employment. This is applied on a case-by-case basis, and there’s no one answer as to how much Centrelink payments will be affected by NDIS payments.

If you aren’t sure whether you’ll be affected by accessing the NDIS, contact HealSoul. Our team will be able to walk you through the requirements for accessing the NDIS, and give you an idea of whether or not your Centrelink payments will be affected.

Income may affect NDIS eligibility in some cases. The NDIS uses a means test to determine eligibility, which takes into account a person’s income, assets, and other financial resources. However, having income from supported employment does not automatically disqualify a person from receiving NDIS support.

If you have questions about whether your current employment status might affect your NDIS eligibility, contact HealSoul. We’ll take an independent and thorough look at your personal situation and advise you on the best course of action.

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