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Find new ways to interact with the world with NDIS assistive products for personal care and safety

NDIS assistive technologies are products that improve quality of life by supporting people as they perform daily tasks. Assistive technology has been specifically designed not to remove independence, but to make life easier.

Disability support workers from HealSoul can help participants in the NDIS find new ways of living safely and functionally at home. We will assess your day-to-day life and match you up with cutting edge NDIS assistive products for personal care and safety. 

Our goal is to help you find greater independence at home. We do this by helping you find ways to improve your life in simple ways, such as with modified cutlery, or with complex solutions like electric hoists. We follow the strict guidelines of the NDIS to provide accurate assessments for products that can help you enjoy life on your terms.

You can get started by telling us about your situation in a free consultation.

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Why choose HealSoul as an NDIS assistive technologies provider?


We always uphold the NDIS’s framework, ensuring the highest levels of compliance when planning new technologies.

Tailored services

Our NDIS assistive technology solutions are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and how they live their lives.

Assistance focus

We focus on NDIS assistive products for personal care and safety that offer assistance and improve independence.

Free consultation

HealSoul offers free NDIS assistive product consultations with no initial set-up fee, saving you up to $600.

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The benefits of NDIS assistive technologies from HealSoul

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Adding value to your life is one of our key goals at HealSoul. Through our work in the NDIS, we have become well versed in what technology can also add value to your life. Regardless of your situation, we can find the perfect solution that can make your life at home and away easier day by day.

NDIS assistive products for safety can help you more safely access areas of the home, like the kitchen and bathroom. NDIS assistive products for personal care can better help you manage your day to day personal tasks, improving your routine.

Having a disability does not mean having to get everything done for you. NDIS assistive products for personal care and safety are just that – assistive. They assist you in finding your own sense of independence.

A new way of easy living is just around the corner. Let’s get started with a free consultation.

What’s included with NDIS assistive technology access at HealSoul

Care & Safety Products

Assistive products for personal care and safety from the NDIS can include:

  • Equipment related to continence, including pads and assessments
  • Modified cutler, drinking cups, and other equipment
  • Beds and pressure care mattresses
  • Aids for dressing and specialised clothing
  • Household furniture like walking frames
  • Bathroom and toilet assistance equipment
  • Personal alarms and safety devices
  • Communication equipment including adapted phones
  • Assistance animals
  • Assistive equipment for recreation, like bicycles
  • Transfer equipment, like hoists and slings
  • Specialised seating, strollers, wheelchairs and scooters
Mediha Ergin

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"Very Happy with this company and the assistance they have provided my brother with fantastic respite accomodation. Special shout out to Jinal for his wonderful support and efforts with my brother. Mary."

Simone Davis

Client Google Review

"I have had ndis for 3 years I was lost till I found heal soul they have been amazing .so kind careing and understanding I could not cope with out them. Thankyou. 😍😍😍😍"

Patu Rangi

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"Sabina is a fantastic person that has helped us get the most out of my NDIS funding, She is very knowledgeable and has some fantastic carers available to assist us with our needs."

Dean S

Client Google Review

"Sabina & her team are amazing and doing NDIS for the right reasons and are very passionate when it comes to Disability Support! Highly Recommended!"

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Our NDIS employment support workers are here to offer you compassion, support, and assistance as you find a more independent way of living. Get started with a free consultation today.


Assistive products for personal care and safety are any devices that improve the independence of those living with a disability by making everyday tasks easier. 

Not only do they make it easier to perform tasks such as showering, opening jars, walking, hearing and more, but they also make these tasks safer to undertake. This reduces the risk of injury and enhances the number and types of activities individuals with disabilities can participate in.

While all assistive technologies can be considered important, the NDIS prioritises some as being more essential to care than others. These can include:

  • Assistive products for hearing such as hearing aids
  • Assistive products for vision such as braille printers and text-to-voice software
  • Personal mobility equipment including walkers, scooters and wheelchairs
  • Specialised household furniture such as bathroom and toileting equipment
  • Beds and pressure care mattresses
  • Personal alarms
  • Transfer equipment and more. 


This is not to say there is no funding for less well-known items. The NDIS also makes allowances for a host of other assistive products and technologies from nappies to food pumps, can openers and dressing tools.

Assistive devices for physical disabilities cover a wide range of cleverly designed tools that aid the user in performing everyday tasks. 

This may include items such as a shower chair that allows the individual to perform this personal care task more independently or something more involved such as an electric wheelchair.

Even a reacher-grabber tool can be counted as an assistive device. So long as the item is designed to simplify a task or make it safer for someone with a disability, it can be counted as an assistive device.

The uses of assistive technology for persons with disabilities can vary greatly. From something as simple as making it easier to open a jar to software that enables communication, there is much that assistive technology can do. 

Assistive technology can make it possible for individuals to live more independently, pursue study or employment opportunities or travel with confidence. Barriers presented by disability can be greatly reduced thanks to assistive technology and autonomy and quality of life greatly enhanced.

How much funding you can receive from the NDIS towards assistive products depends on the level of disability you have and the type of support you need. When making a request for funding for assistive technology and products, you will need to demonstrate the needs for these and in some instances provide quotes for these items for approval. 

At HealSoul, we offer a free consultation regarding funding for assistive products and can help you make sense of what you can and cannot claim in line with your circumstances. This can save you up to $600 in fees and allow you to access essential living aids and assistive technology sooner.