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HealSoul Testimonials

What Do Other Participants Say About HealSoul?

Participants of HealSoul consistently laud us for our exceptional level of care and support. One recurring theme among testimonials is the commendation of our highly experienced staff members, who are described as compassionate, understanding, and dedicated to their clients’ wellbeing. 

For instance, one reviewer, Jo Lund, emphasises how the staff at HealSoul are as compassionate and understanding as the founder, Sabina, herself, noting their pivotal role in supporting individuals through significant life transitions. 

Similarly, Lowanne Niemack expresses gratitude towards a specific support worker named Agatha, highlighting her qualities of being bubbly, patient, caring, and empathetic, underscoring the profound impact that HealSoul’s personnel have on their clients.

HealSoul’s ability to cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities also garners praise. Michelle Delceppo shares her positive experience with HealSoul’s holiday program for children with additional needs, stating that our approach goes above and beyond excellence. 

Another reviewer, Jossy Caro, appreciates our efforts in organising engaging activities for children and adults during school holidays, facilitating meaningful friendships among participants and alleviating parental concerns regarding the quality of care provided.

Moreover, HealSoul’s professionalism and commitment to personalised support are frequently highlighted. Sheridan Sloane commends the provider for its tailored approach to clients, emphasising the team’s dedication to understanding and meeting the individual needs of each participant. 

Similarly, Patu Rangi acknowledges HealSoul’s expertise in maximising NDIS funding and praises the availability of high-quality carers, reflecting the provider’s commitment to delivering excellence in disability support services.

Overall, HealSoul’s reputation is bolstered by the glowing testimonials of participants and their families. From heartfelt expressions of gratitude for the supportive and empathetic staff to recognition of the provider’s innovative programs and personalised approach, the consensus among participants is overwhelmingly positive. 

HealSoul not only meets the needs of its clients but also exceeds expectations, earning trust and admiration as a reliable and compassionate service provider in the realm of disability support.

All of these testimonials and reviews, plus many more, can be found on our Google Reviews. Simply Google HealSoul, and you’ll be able to find dozens of similar reviews and testimonials.