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Planning for the Future: Creating a Disability Care Plan

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Under the Disability Act 2006, people have been enabled to pursue the lifestyle that they choose, regardless of who they are. This is important because ultimately, the one person responsible for your ongoing happiness and success is you. Fortunately, the Australian government protects this inalienable right through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Health care providers like HealSoul are here to assist you as you create a disability care plan that gives you the lifestyle you want. We can support your decision-making capacity by offering qualified advice as to what type of care you should be getting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a young person or someone entering into aged care – a disability advance care plan can give you the support you need. Whether it’s for services, education, community engagement, access to carers, or other disability supports, you can plan out your preferences in the NDIS and start receiving better care.

What are the principles for disability planning?

The Act outlines a range of principles that underpin what would make a successful plan for receiving disability support.

  1. Planning should be directed by the person with the disability.
  2. Plans must always be individualised and offer individual support.
  3. The planning process should respect family members and other important people to the participant receiving the plan.
  4. The planning process should consider all supports available to the participant, including any support services generally available to all persons in the community.
  5. Plans should always maximise independence and ability to choose for the participant.
  6. Plans should facilitate custom responses to the goals and needs of the individual. These also need to be flexible and should be able to be changed.

How does someone approach disability support planning?

The best way to work through a disability care plan is to give people with disabilities a platform to voice their needs, aspirations, and goals. Every single person has a different situation, and so, every planning process will be different. That’s where NDIS providers come in.

What does disability care planning include?

As well as offering access to disability supports, NDIS providers can help with planning out disability care. Care planning can include:

  • Medical treatment decisions
  • Outlining an advance care directive
  • Choosing health professionals
  • Assigning an enduring guardian
  • Picking a substitute decision-maker
  • Involving family members
  • Investigating other support
  • Outlining a legal document that contains the above

Basically, it’s everything you need to formulate a care plan that gives you the best life possible. With proper planning, comes greater success in the NDIS.


What is advance care planning?

Advance care planning is planning for the care you want to receive in the future. By getting involved with the planning process early, people close to the participant can ensure that all the bases are covered and that they are receiving the right care at the right time.

Disability support and care planning are essential for everyone in Australia with a disability. It gives participants the best possible chance at living life on their terms. Better yet, the NDIS is available in every single Australian state and territory, from Western Australia to Queensland.

If you’re ready to start your disability plan, contact HealSoul. Our friendly team will assess your situation with compassion, empowering you to develop a plan that gives you greater independence.

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