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What Is the Contract or Service Agreement Like?

What Is the Contract or Service Agreement Like?

HealSoul, as a dedicated NDIS provider, upholds principles of transparency and clarity in its service agreements. Participants are strongly encouraged to review these agreements in detail before committing to services to ensure mutual understanding and satisfaction.

The service agreement between HealSoul and the participant serves as a formal contract, outlining the support to be provided, associated costs, roles and responsibilities of both parties, and the process for resolving disputes. This agreement serves as a cornerstone, aiming to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the services they will receive and the obligations they and HealSoul will undertake, thereby fostering a sense of trust and accountability.

Key aspects covered in our service agreement include:

Support details

In great details, HealSoul specifies the types of supports and services to be delivered, encompassing a broad spectrum such as daily activities assistance, therapy services, and community participation. These solutions are all meticulously tailored to the participant’s individual needs and aspirations.


The agreement thoroughly delineates the costs associated with the support provided, leaving no room for ambiguity and ensuring transparency and clarity regarding financial obligations, thus preventing any unwelcome surprises or misunderstandings.


Both the participant and HealSoul are assigned responsibilities, encompassing crucial aspects such as attendance, communication, adherence to NDIS guidelines, and active participation in goal-setting and planning processes, ensuring mutual understanding and accountability.

Duration and changes

HealSoul meticulously specifies the duration of the agreement and procedures for making changes or modifications to accommodate evolving needs and circumstances, thus ensuring flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances while maintaining clarity and coherence.

Dispute resolution process

The agreement outlines a detailed process for resolving disagreements or disputes in a fair, impartial, and timely manner, thereby underlining HealSoul’s unwavering commitment to open communication, fairness, and effective issue resolution, thus upholding the principles of accountability and trust.

Service agreements crafted by HealSoul are aimed at providing participants with a positive and empowering experience throughout their NDIS journey. Participants are strongly encouraged to seek clarification on any terms they find ambiguous or unclear and are empowered to negotiate aspects of the agreement to align with their unique preferences and needs. 

By prioritising transparency, clarity, and participant-centred care, HealSoul aims to foster trusting, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationships with all participants, no matter what the citation or agreement.