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NDIS Regulations – a state-by-state guide

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Everything you need to know about NDIS regulations in your state

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) extends to every state and territory in Australia. While it did take several years to fully roll out the scheme across the nation, it has become one of the most comprehensive and expansive social programs in our history as a country.

Millions of people benefit from funding delivered by the NDIS, regardless of where they live in the country. While it’s true that finding quality disability support finders can be a challenge, the funding is there to be accessed by every eligible participant, regardless of where they live.

Although the NDIS is delivered all over the country, every state and territory has its own regulations as to how the scheme and its supports should be delivered. In this article, we’ll take a look at the NDIS regulations in a state-by-state guide, and give you some links to further reading about your own region.

If you have any questions about the information contained within this article, get in touch with HealSoul. Our friendly team is here to work with you to get you the best possible disability supports, with the final goal of giving you the most independent lifestyle possible.


Why do NDIS regulations differ state by state?

While the NDIS has been rolled out nationwide, it’s important to understand that each state retains a certain degree of autonomy when it comes to health services. Each state and territory is responsible for its own health service, as well as the partnered organisations that exist within the state.

The NDIS and National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) work hand-in-hand with state and territory health services to deliver supports. Consider the relationship between the NDIA and regional health services to be one of mutual support – the NDIA provides the funding through the NDIS, while the regional health services deliver and monitor the supports and providers as part of their remit.

Many providers and their supports differ from state to state, based on the state’s own legislated laws and regulations. How your area delivers NDIS programs and funding should always be taken on a case-by-case basis. If you’re considering accessing supports in a different state, make sure you check the regulations first.


NDIS regulations in Victoria

The NDIS in Victoria is delivered in a shared responsibility between the NDIA and the Victorian state health service. Disability support providers need to uphold the legislative requirements of the NDIS, while also operating within the standards of the Victorian government’s legislation.

There are additional laws in Victoria that offer protections for people with a disability, including:

For more information about the NDIS in Victoria, you can visit the Victoria NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in New South Wales

Much like Victoria, NDIS services in New South Wales are delivered with a collaborative approach between the NDIA and NSW health department. The 170,000-odd people receiving NDIS support in NSW are split between regional and metropolitan locations.

The Disability Inclusion Act 2014 is the NSW legislation that oversees the dissemination of disability supports in the state. Disability support providers need to adhere to both the regulations of the NDIS, and those contained in the Act.

For more information about the NDIS in New South Wales, you can visit the NSW NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in Queensland

The NDIS in Queensland is delivered in collaboration between the NDIS, the state health service, and qualified disability support providers. Almost 120,000 Queensland residents receive supports from the NDIS in both regional and metropolitan hubs.

Disability support providers in Queensland must uphold the Disability Services Act 2006 – the state’s strongest protection for people living with a disability. Support providers are beholden to this Act and the regulations set down by the NDIS.

For more information about the NDIS in Queensland, you can visit the Queensland NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in the Australian Capital Territory

Although it is a much smaller territory, the Australian Capital Territory still receives the same supports from the NDIS. There are around 10,000 people receiving these supports in the territory in its main metropolitan hubs.

The NDIS works in conference with the ACT Disability Health Strategy to assist people living with disabilities as they find better ways of living more independently. The ACT takes legislative direction from the federal government in regard to disability services, but complaints about the sector are handled by the ACT Human Rights Commission.

For more information about the NDIS in ACT, you can visit the ACT NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in Tasmania

NDIS disability supports in Tasmania are delivered in two main sectors – North East and South West. Over 12,000 people receive these supports, funded by the NDIS and delivered through local support providers.

As well as the regulations set down by the NDIS, Tasmanian disability support providers need to uphold the state’s Disability Services Act 2011. This Act is aligned with the National Standards For Disability Services.

For more information about the NDIS in Tasmania, you can visit the Tasmania NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in South Australia

With over 50,000 participants in the NDIS, South Australian disability services are also supported by federal and state sources. SA residents can access supports in both metropolitan and regional hubs.

The Disability Inclusions Act 2018 dictates the standards that must be upheld by support providers in South Australia. These providers must also adhere to federal legislation and standards put forward by the NDIS.

For more information about the NDIS in South Australia, you can visit the South Australia NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in the Northern Territory

As Australia’s most sparsely populated territory, the Northern Territory only has about 5000 NDIS participants. These participants can access supports in 3 major hubs – Darwin, Litchfield, and Palmerston.

Support services in the NT must uphold both NDIS regulations and those dictated by the Territory’s Disability Services Act 1993.

For more information about the NDIS in the Northern Territory, you can visit the Northern Territory NDIS page.


NDIS regulations in Western Australia

Although it was one of the last regions to receive the NDIS rollout, Western Australia now hosts around 50,000 participants of the scheme. These participants can access supports all over the state in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Standards for support providers in Western Australia are outlined by the NDIS and the WA Disability Services Act 1993.

For more information about the NDIS in Western Australia, you can visit the WA NDIS page.


How HealSoul can help

HealSoul delivers quality NDIS supports in both Western Australia and Victoria. We understand the different regulations between states and territories, and always strive to keep abreast of any changes that may affect our clients.

If you live in WA or Victoria, we can put you in touch with the best in disability supports, delivered by trained and qualified workers. We have built our reputation on delivering supports with compassion and empathy, with our ultimate goal being a more independent life for NDIS participants.

If you want to know more about NDIS regulations in your state, contact us. We can take you through all the regulations that pertain to your situation, and begin to figure out the best possible support system for you moving forward. A better, more independent and fulfilling life is around the corner. Get in touch with us to get started.

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