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How To Plan For Your NDIS Meeting

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A guide to getting ready for your NDIS first planning meeting

Your first NDIS planning meeting can be daunting. Many people don’t know what to expect and are worried that they’ll misrepresent themselves, or not bring the right things along, and that they’ll get a bad outcome as a result. Your planning meeting with the NDIS doesn’t have to be a cause for anxiety. With the right preparation, you can go into that first meeting with the NDIS with confidence. To help, we’ve prepared the following guide for your NDIS first planning meeting.

Know what sort of things the NDIS planner is likely to ask, and have your answers prepared

There’s nothing worse than sitting a test and not knowing the right answer. Thankfully, the NDIS is open and transparent with the sorts of things they’re likely to ask you, and how you should prepare. For example, you’re likely to be asked about things like:
  • Your details: Name, age, date of birth, address, and other things that you’d have to fill out on forms
  • Your community and mainstream support: The people in your life who might help you on a day-to-day basis, like friends and family.
  • Your goals: The person conducting your NDIS meeting will want to know what you want to get out of the NDIS. They’ll want to hear about your goals, to help them figure out which services will best help you achieve them.
For more information, check out the NDIS Planning Booklet. It’s full of valuable information about your planning meeting and can help you get the most out of the session.  

What is the motivation of your NDIS planner in the planning meeting?

Your NDIS planner will want to help you get all the funding and assistance you’re entitled to. To do this effectively, they’ll ask lots of questions so that they can understand you as best they can. Fundamentally, they’re looking to get answers to questions like: Elderly couple on iPad

Organise the paperwork you’ll need for your NDIS planning meeting

It is important to remember that your NDIS planner is human, and like all humans, they’re not always operating under the best of circumstances. They might be forgetful, they might have had a long day, or they might be distracted by something else that is happening in their lives. Make the process as simple and easy for them as possible by bringing along paperwork. Written documentation about your life and disability can help paint the picture for them, and show them more clearly what it is that you need. By bringing paperwork to the meeting, and having everything you need to be written out for the NDIS planner, they’re less likely to make a mistake or miss something important. Your NDIS funding can be spent on the disability support of your choice. For passionate, caring, and respectful disability support, find out more about HealSoul.

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