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NDIS Specialised Supports

Explore Specialised support options and services available under the NDIS

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Understanding NDIS Specialised Support Services And How They Benefit Participants

At the core of the National Disability Insurance Scheme are NDIS specialised support services, which cater to the distinct needs of participants, promoting independence and social integration.

These services recognise that individuals with disabilities require bespoke solutions to address their challenges, enabling them to lead enriching lives and engage actively within their communities.

Here, we’ll explore NDIS specialised support options, their significance, available services, and their pivotal role in fostering a more inclusive society. For more information about specialised support options available to you, get in touch with HealSoul.

What are the three main support purpose categories in the NDIS?

NDIS specialised support services are a cornerstone of the scheme’s philosophy, providing tailored assistance to participants with specific and complex needs. Within the NDIS, specialised support services are categorised into three primary support purpose categories:

  1. Core Supports

These encompass daily activities and essential support necessary for participants to engage in their daily routines. Core supports may include assistance with personal care, transportation, and accessing the community.

  1. Capital Supports

Capital supports involve investment in assets or equipment that enhance a participant’s long-term independence and functionality. This can encompass assistive technologies, home modifications, and vehicle modifications.

  1. Capacity Building Supports

Capacity-building supports aim to foster skill development, education, and social participation. These services empower participants to achieve their goals and become more self-reliant. Capacity building can encompass areas such as employment training, health and wellbeing, and social skill development.

Vehicle modifications is categorised as a Capital Support

What two types of support can be funded under an NDIS plan?

Under an NDIS plan, participants can access two types of funded support:

  1. Funded Support Categories

These categories align with the three primary support purpose categories mentioned above: Core Supports, Capital Supports, and Capacity Building Supports.

  1. Support Categories Outside the NDIS

In addition to NDIS-funded supports, participants can also use their plan to access supports outside the NDIS, such as health services covered by Medicare or community services.

What can I spend my core supports on?

Core supports are central to a participant’s daily life and can be used for various purposes, including:

What can I spend specialised support funding on?

The NDIS’s specialised support services encompass a diverse array of offerings, designed to cater to various aspects of an individual’s life:

Assistive Technology: Participants requiring technological aids to improve their daily functioning can access assistive technology supports. These can include communication devices, mobility aids, and sensory assistance tools.

Therapeutic Supports: Under this category, participants receive therapeutic interventions to address physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges. Services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioural support, and NDIS Mental Health Supports in Perth.

Supported Independent Living: This support provides participants with disabilities the opportunity to live more independently in shared or individual accommodation. It may involve assistance with cooking, cleaning, and personal care.

Social and Community Participation: This support encourages participants to actively engage with their communities, fostering social connections and reducing isolation. It may involve participating in recreational activities, clubs, or community events. For more information, see NDIS and Multicultural Communities in Perth.

Participation in community and social events

What are the four types of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a critical component of NDIS specialised support, catering to participants with extreme functional impairments or very high support needs. The four types of SDA include:

  1. Improved Livability: This type of accommodation focuses on enhancing the participant’s quality of life by providing a more suitable and accessible living environment.
  2. Fully Accessible Housing: Designed for participants with high physical support needs, this type of SDA offers specialised features and accessibility adaptations to promote independence.
  3. Robust Housing: For participants with behavioural challenges, robust housing incorporates features to ensure safety for both the participant and those around them.
  4. High Physical Support: This type of SDA is designed for participants with significant physical support needs, featuring advanced equipment and accessibility features.

The NDIS specialised support services have emerged as a powerful force of positive change, empowering individuals with disabilities to lead more fulfilling lives. The diverse range of options available underscores the NDIS’s commitment to addressing unique needs and fostering inclusivity. 

By understanding the available support categories, the types of SDA, funding options, and the utilisation of core supports, participants and their families can navigate the NDIS landscape with confidence, working towards a future where every individual thrives regardless of their abilities.

If you’re ready to get started in accessing your own NDIS specialised supports, get in touch with HealSoul. We can assist you in finding the independence you need with the compassion you deserve.

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