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How to Access and Use NDIS Myplace Portal

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NDIS myplace portal – everything you need to know

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If you’re new to the National Insurance Disability Scheme, you’ll need to access the NDIS myplace portal from time to time. The myplace portal is your single source of truth for everything about your participation in the NDIS, and an invaluable tool for all participants.

Like many government tools and portals, it can be a little complex if you haven’t used it before. But don’t worry – that’s what we are here for. This article will take a look at everything you can do in the myplace portal before giving you advice on how to use it.

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What is myplace?

Myplace is the NDIS participant portal – a secure website login portal where NDIS participants and their trusted representatives can access all of the participant’s NDIS information. Myplace is accessible through the Australian Government’s myGov website, just like Medicare, Centrelink, and the Australian Tax Office portals.

There’s plenty to do on myplace, including:

  • Seeing how your current and previous plans are tracking
  • Checking and updating your contact details
  • Viewing messages from the NDIS and NDIA
  • Creating and archiving payment requests
  • Booking and managing services
  • Uploading documents relevant to your situation
  • Sharing plans with service providers
  • Finding the right service providers for you

The first thing you need to do before using all of these handy features is to access myplace through the myGov portal. Read on to learn how it’s done.

How can I access myplace?

First things first – you need a myGov account. You probably already have one if you’ve accessed Medicare or Centrelink online before. It’s the standard login account for all of the Australian Government’s digital services, and is the same login for the previously mentioned portals of the ATO, Medicare, and Centrelink.

If you don’t have a myGov account, or aren’t sure if it’s linked up, you can visit the myGov website to get started.

The first time you access the myGov portal, you’ll get a unique activation code that will be sent to your mobile or email. You should use it as soon as possible because activation codes expire in 10 days and it’s easy to forget.

If your activation code expires, or you need a new one, you’ll need to contact the NDIA directly at 1800 800 110. Wait times can be long, so you can also contact your early childhood partner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

Self-managed participants can get support using the portal by calling 1800 800 110.

How do I use the myplace portal?

First, get started by logging into myGov. On the myGov home screen, you’ll see:

  1. Your inbox, where you can read messages from myGov
  2. Your profile, where you can manage your services and details
  3. Your payments and claims, where you can track all financials and applications

Below, you’ll find a heading titled Linked Services, and below that, you’ll see the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) link.

Now that you’ve logged in, using the myplace portal should be relatively easy. The portal is fairly intuitive to use, and everything is spelt out in plain and simple language.

What can I find on the myplace portal?

We’ll give you a brief rundown of what each of the tools and functions on myplace does.

My Payment Request

You can create, manage, and view payment requests as part of your NDIS plan.

My Plan

Your approved NDIS plans with all the details can be found here. You’ll find information about your support budget, your referrals, and your funding report.

My Contact Details

Here, you can view and update your personal details including contact details, your address, how can I contact NDIA, bank account details, and consent to share with NDIS providers.

My Service Bookings

Here is where you can view and manage your Service Bookings with registered NDIS service providers. You won’t need this if you are self-managing your plan.

Provider Finder

You can use the Provider Finder to find quality NDIS service providers near you. You can also get good services from this screen if your chosen provider is available.

My Messages

This tool allows you to instantly message your providers, provided that this feature is available for you through the provider.

My Document Upload

Here you can upload documents to support your claims. Files need to be under 25MB, and you’ll need to submit a document name and description. You can also find all previously uploaded documents below the upload field.

How do I log out of myplace?

Logging out of myplace is an essential step in using the portal. Logging out means that your personal information and data are protected in the event that you leave your computer unattended, or if you’re using a public computer.

To log out, find the little yellow box with your name at the top right of the screen. Below that, you should see a logout button.

Logging out will return you to either the NDIS website or the myGov home page portal, depending on where you signed in initially.

This has been your thorough guide to accessing and using the myGov and myplace NDIS portals. We hope it has been of assistance to you!

If you’re looking for support in accessing the NDIS and its relevant portals and information, get in touch with HealSoul. Our team of NDIS experts can help you navigate the NDIS on your terms, from your initial sign-up, to the execution of your plan. You can get started with a free session with our team members.

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